Liverpool Pride @
Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Pride is a volunteer led charity organisation which continues to uphold its grassroots message of tackling homophobia, biphobia & transphobia, whilst creating discussion around various issues that the LGBT+ community faces each and every day.

The decision to move Liverpool Pride to Liverpool Cathedral in 2018 was made in the interests of: 



Opening Dialogue

Liverpool Pride strives to create the best event that maintains its campaign of LGBT+ visibility within the Liverpool City Region, and believe by engaging with the many different cultural organisations within the city, we do this in such an innovative way that people can not help but talk about what we, as a community, are doing!

Ever since the modern Liverpool Pride movement was initiated, we have tried to maintain a transparent and informative event, and always welcome feedback and an invitation to those who wish to share their ideas with us.

If you wish to share your thoughts on our recent announcement of relocating the Liverpool Pride site - do not hesitate in contacting us here: 

Liverpool Pride Team