Stanley Street Quarter

What is it?

In 2010 Liverpool City Council commissioned “Designing out Crime”, a research project to explore ways of improving safety in the city after dark. One of the key recommendations of this extensive piece of work was to create a vision for the city’s 'gay' quarter.

The area around Stanley Street in the city centre has developed over time to be the de facto gay quarter of the city. There is a vibrant night time economy of bars, pubs and clubs which cater for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGB&T) community.

This is overlaid by local businesses of small retail outlets, offices and some residential properties catering to the wider community.

Active development and promotion

The direction of the area, and the formulation of a defined strategy, has been a point of discussions for a number of years. A decision has now been made, by Liverpool City Council and its partners, to actively develop and promote the Stanley Street Quarter.

This should harness the potential in the area, particularly from the LGB&T community and other key stakeholders to create a first rate destination for residents and visitors.

Development and promotion will cover marketing, physical design, land use mix and operational offer to put the area on an equal footing with similar areas both nationally and internationally.

To support the development of the area, a consultation exercise to gather views on how this could best be achieved has been undertaken. You can download the final report of the study below, as well as the Equality Impact Assessment.

Stanley Street Steering Group

A Stanley Street Steering Group has been established which includes representatives from: residents, day time businesses, night time economy, city councillors, city centre management, Liverpool Vision, Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services (LCVS), Liverpool Pride, and Gay Youth 'R' Out (GYRO). Meeting minutes and other documents are published on the Liverpool City Council website.

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