The Eurovision Fundraiser Smash! at FACT Picturehouse

The Eurovision Fundraiser Smash! at FACT Picturehouse
The Eurovision Fundraiser Smash! at FACT Picturehouse

Fancy a cheesy extravagance, styling that beggars belief, misplaced national pride and perhaps more catchy tunes than you might like to admit?

Every year the Eurovision song contest provides us with a vast harvest of ripe silliness to sink the teeth of our parody and enjoyment into. My own friends personally take great enjoyment out of having a party every year to watch Eurovision together, where we can maximise our output of crops of free-range organic snarky repartee (and quite often begrudging enjoyment of the more infectious ditties. Thank you, Lordi.) Once again this year here at Pride, we've decided to share the fun with the good people of Liverpool, and raise some money for the Festival, and Children in Need at the same time.

In collaboration with FACT, Pride is once more putting on a Eurovision Party Extravaganza this year with the contest streamed straight from Baku onto the FACT cinema screen! Afterall, why point and laugh at the TV screen when you can point and laugh at the big screen, dance in the aisles and have alcoholic refreshments served to you from the bar!

There will be DJ's, raffles and refreshments available so join Liverpool Pride as Picturehouse@FACT host the biggest and best Eurovision Party in Liverpool.

It's time to look forward to the Eurovision Song Contest and support old Engelbert as he sings his heart out for the country!

Tickets: £12, Concessions & Members £10. With £1 proceeds going to each Liverpool Pride & the Children in Need charities!

For more information visit or to book tickets at the FACT box office.


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