Survive and Thrive Seminar - Dec 4th 2012 - Leaf Cafe Bar

Survive and Thrive 1
David Parrish with Liverpool City Council's Sean Durnley
A slide showing what was to come
A slide showing what was to come
A slide showing what was to come
The Leaf Cafe Bar

As part of my responsibilities of being your trustee, I have to learn new skills and share them with my colleagues on the board. Delivered by international entrepreneur and lecturer David Parrish, myself and 35 representatives from charities right across Liverpool, Merseyside and The Wirral were taught new skills ranging from how to set up a charity all the way through how to evaluate the bidding process for further funding from Lotto, Liverpool City Council and various other funding opportunities locally and nationally. This consisted of looking at the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your charity and determining how to make the most of what limited public funding there is in 2012. The first two relate to internal controllable factors, the latter two are much more difficult to address and manage and are classed as external where other companies and charities can have a say on how you can achieve your aim

Another crucial part of this half day seminar was to network and exchange business cards and information about each person’s chosen charity to others, there was further opportunity at the end of the seminar to continue to complete this work. There were charities involved with theatre, the arts and various community groups relating to diversity, ethnicity and disability
Business connections like this are so much of an important part of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that must go on if a charity if going to grow from strength to strength

As we approach 2013, Liverpool Pride is undergoing a complete overhaul of its structure, as part of this a new set of sub committees is being created but more about this next year from The Chair Zoran Blackie but things look very exciting


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