Packing Bags on the Road to Pride 2013

Some of you may be wondering what has been going on with Pride in our ‘off-season’.

Sadly a well-earned beach rest doesn’t quite factor into it, and the second half of 2012 has been all about the redevelopment of Liverpool Pride, making ourselves fit for the future and ready to deliver our programme for 2013.

At our AGM before Christmas we were able to look back on the year that was and we have made some great achievements – our biggest turnout yet for the Pride festival, with 50,000 people enjoying our main event across the Pier Head and Stanley Street Quarter. We delivered a fringe programme that was larger and more diverse as well as supporting the delivery of local LGBT community projects.
However it may have been Nautical but Nice but wasn’t all plain sailing…

Thanks to the hard work of the Pride team we are chasing up the organisations that still owe Pride money and paying off the people we owe as quickly as possible as this belated income is paid.

Pride would like to thank all the organisations that have paid, all those who are being supportive with our repayment schedules and our funders who make it all possible. Above all, a huge thank you to our volunteer fundraisers who have been out in the city centre and across Liverpool shaking buckets and encouraging everyone, LGBT or otherwise, to help Keep Pride Free

I had the pleasure of joining our happy team at the Walton branch of Sainsbury’s on Saturday, packing bags at the check-outs, thanks to the kind permission of their wonderful manager Cathy. I really enjoyed the company of the customers and staff (big thanks to the lovely Lyn, and the branch Santa-a-like Alan), who made the day fly by. The customers would often ask about Pride and were genuinely supportive of what we are looking to do and I’m looking forward to a few coming down for our festival. As a team we raised over £800 to help Pride look to 2013.
It did make me think though, that here we had little old ladies happy to put a couple of quid in our bucket to support us, whilst if everyone who came to Pride did the same we’d be able to pay for it comfortably. These fundraising efforts have helped us with a shortfall from this year, but we still need the support of everyone to be able to give you a free Pride in 2013.

What can you do to help Keep Pride Free? I’ve got two words for you – time or money (or both). We’re looking to get out there more and more over the first half of 2013 to raise some serious funds out there in the community – which together with support from our brilliant sponsors and funders, as well as concessions and merchandise income will allow us to not only deliver an even more fabulous event and community projects, but to Keep Pride Free.

Pride’s lifeblood is its volunteers – we all give our time to make it happen and I am humbled by their efforts – and gives me faith in our ability to make Pride bigger and better. Pride’s team is expanding – we’re not just a bunch of passionate individuals but are growing into key teams of volunteers planning our events, fundraising, marketing, governance and more so there’s no better time to get involved.
If you want to get involved, you can contact us at

Yours in Pride

(Thanks to Donna D, Steve A, Alan W, Jenny B, Darren O, Paul L, Joan, Maz C, James L for being good little elves...)


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