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Out On Stage returns for 2015! Do you fancy a chance of performing at this year's Liverpool Pride? to Play - The Michael Causer are looking for talented bands and solo artists to get involved and compete to support the Michael Causer Foundation. In 2014, we attracted applications from over 90 acts and this year we expect that figure to be well over 100 !

2 hours 8 min ago

Today is Global Scouse Day! A bit of fun eating our "national" dish and a chance to raise money for the Whitechapel Centre - post your fab Scouse pics here, or make your way to Me Ma's Big Scouse Off at Liverpool ONE Bridewell, or of course eat Scouse Pie at Maggie May's on Bold Street!

2 days 12 hours ago

April Ashley Exhibition is coming to an end this weekend, make sure you get down to see it at the Museum of Liverpool on the Pier Head. LiverpoolSo as you know my April Ashley portrait has been on view as part of a huge exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool, for the last 18 months. The exhibition finally comes to a close on Sunday (sniff, sniff) so if you haven't seen it yet then get down there and check it out this weekend! She's an incredible lady with an astonishing story to tell, a huge figure in LGBT, particularly trans history, and Liverpool history, and, well, human history!

3 days 10 hours ago, Bloody working woman Alex and well-to-do Jewish family doctor Daniel Hirsh share not only the same answering service but also the favours of young Bob Elkin who bed-hops between them as the mood takes him!

4 days 7 hours ago


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